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experiential adj
1 relating to or resulting from experience; "a personal, experiental reality"
2 derived from experience or the experience of existence; "the rich experiential content of the teachings of the older philosophers"- Benjamin Farrington; "formal logicians are not concerned with existential matters"- John Dewey [syn: existential]

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  • (UK): /ɛkˌspɪəriˈɛnʃəl/, /Ek%spI@ri"EnS@l/ or /ɪkˌspɪəriˈɛnʃəl/, /Ik%spI@ri"EnS@l/
  • (US): , /ɪkˌspɪriˈɛnʃəl/, /Ik%spIri"EnS@l/


  1. Of, related to, encountered in, or derived from experience.
    Atheists argue that there is no experiential confirmation for the existence of a god.
    Each color has a unique experiential quality.
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